5 Reasons Why Pixie Hair is the Best (a lifestyle update)

Hey, reader! It’s me, Tera. This week I want to share a little lifestyle change I’ve made to my daily beauty routine and look. So, as many of you already know, I recently took the plunge (for the second time ever) and decided to chop several inches of my locks off for a style we know as “the pixie.” Whether this seems like a super dramatic change, or just merely a new “do,” I am here to tell you that over the course of about three weeks with my pixie hair, I have had a small revelation, and it is that they are the best. I’ll show you some up-close photos of my hair real quick before I proceed.

flowerpose profilehair

Adorbs. There are a few reasons why I claim this style to be (literally) the best, and I feel like it’s my duty to tell you why you are missing out if you don’t have a pixie. So, without further ado, here is why I fell in love with my pixie!

  1. No Muss, No Fuss

This reason is simple and sweet. Pixies are virtually weatherproof. You know what I mean, ladies. No wasted time styling your hair only to walk outside to the humidity taking over (I call this the static ball affect). No more gimpy carni rides that leave your hair beyond repair at the county fair (this literally happened). With my new hair, I can put on my lipgloss and step outside on the windiest day, and not a single strand of hair slings and sticks back onto my lips–this is a pet peeve of mine! Second consecutive year to attend the county fair, first year to leave with minimal- to -no -damage repairs needed on my hair. You just can’t have a bad hair day with this style…you just have another “pixie” day. Pixies are indestructible..I’ve yet to disprove this fact.


2. Easy as Pie

These next two reasons of mine are somewhat redundant, but I’m listing them separately because one is specifically kid-related. This reason is all in the title: EASY. I would always have a hard time with my hair. I guess it is just not my forte when it comes to beauty routine. Don’t get me wrong; I love hair, but it’s a lot of work to get it to look like the style in my head that I am trying to portray. Pixies are simple. There are no decisions to be made when deciding on how to wear it (ie. up, down, curly, straight, beachy waves, amazing princess braids, braids that turn into a bow, etc…you get it). You just wear it the “pixie” way, and it’s adorable. You can still play with it and change it up, but for the most part, it’s one style and it takes minimal product to get it that way. (By the way, if you are needing a good reference for pixie products, this is what I use that works great). Having short hair, probably 20-30 minutes of my day (let’s be honest, when and only when I plan to leave the house and need to be presentable) is spared from the torments of thin, frizzy, “bad” hair days and failed attempts at “curling it” with my curling wand. My pixie is easy as pie.

frameface handonhip

See? So much extra time on my hands.

3. Kid Friendly

I’ll transition into my next reason for loving my pixie. This one is for my fellow mama friends out there, because this is essential for what our lives center around! This hairstyle is baby proof (99.9% of the time). No more boogers, spit up, or sopping wet hair slapping you in the face, and no more hair tug of war!

If you fix your pixie hair in the morning, you have that 99.9% chance that you can do a quick glance in the mirror and head to lunch with that friend, or head to your afternoon of errand running. Pixie cuts are so amazing and forgiving for our crazy “mom-life, on the go life!” I’m not just talking to stay at home moms here. Working moms are so busy and on the go just as much, and this hair is for you, too! Talk about a time saver when you are getting yourself, and kiddos ready to be out the door by 7:30!! I am a big advocate for things that are kid-friendly, and easy. Sign me up! Well…I’ve already jumped on the bandwagon. But I’m here to tell you fellow moms, the water’s fine!

Didn’t get a chance to wash your 2 day old hair because of the long list of stuff to do, and those ever sweet, ever needy kiddos? The Pixie hears you, and pixie accepts.The beauty with this hairstyle is that you can stick some pomade in it, “mess it up,” and it camouflages that dirty hair and gives you some grace so you can get through another long, busy day. Pixie says, “it can wait until tonight.”

momandbabygoofy prettybaby momandbabywalk momandbabypose

4. Stylin’, Profilin’

I’ll openly admit that I am not the most fashionable human being, and like I said earlier, hair has never been my thing. I’ve loved having a haircut that’s been so stylish, and it just doesn’t take too much skill and effort. I literally woke up like this.

hatpic j/k.

Really though, pixies are edgy haircuts that give you automatic style points on your daily routine. It’s a natural accessory that people love. But, my hair also doesn’t take away from my face, so I can focus on beautifying where I have more fun. One of these days, I’m going to nail that blasted cat eye. When hair is not your strong suit, pixie is here to basically fix itself so you can spend your primping time doing whatever is fun for you!

Pixie cuts are stylish, they’re feminine, they’re fresh, and they’re super adorbs. (Reason 4, check).

5. FUN

My last reason for falling in love with my pixie, is because it has been super fun! I feel like when people think of “pixie hair,” a lot of times, it comes across much more mundane than what it is. Pixies are FUN, and there are so many ways to wear one!Long pixies, short pixies, sleek pixies, punky pixies, etcetera (you get the picture). There are lots of ways to play with your pixie cut and make it unique to your style and taste!

I’m convinced that pixie cuts make you more fun. That might be a stretch (it’s definitely not), but nevertheless, it’s a style you can have fun with. You can throw on a cute hat for a fun day date around the town, or wear it a little sleeker for a fancy dinner. You can still be fun and creative with your pixie, despite the lack of several extra inches of locks.

SO, there it is! I realize that pixie hair is not for everyone, just like the pretty mermaid hair is not for me. But for anyone who’s contemplated this look, I wanted to be of some encouragement to you! There is much to love about a cute pixie cut. I feel feminine, I feel pretty, my man thinks it’s HAWT, and I feel stylish! Your hair can be a fun accessory without the major hair probs and maintenance, and that is why I’ve loved it!

What is something about your style that YOU love?! We love your feedback, and we love sharing life with you! Hashtag your experiences you’d like to share with us #OakandEarthBlog and #OakandEarth, and keep up with our blog and updates on my instagram handle @terapianalto.


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