3 Trendy Hair Styles for Fall

This post is written in partnership with Megaphone Influence and Soapbox Insights + Influence on behalf of their client, Thermaluxe, by Remington. All opinions are 100% our own.

Hello Oak and Earth readers, it’s Bethany and Tera here, and we are getting so excited about the Fall season! What’s not to love? Pumpkin Spice Lattes (oh so typical), changing leaves, cooler weather, yummy candles, and new fashion. We want it to hurry up and get here already! All of us girls at Oak & Earth love Fall hair and fashion.

It’s always fun to see the newest Fall fashion trends, and we did our best to research and find some of the cutest Fall 2016 hair trends (before they overtake our Pinterest pages and our favorite magazines) so that we could share some of them with you! A big thank you to Thermaluxe, by Remington for aiding us in selecting some great hot tools to get #RemReady for these Fall looks!

Trendy hair styles for fall 2016

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← T E X T U R E D   S T Y L E →

Textured hair is in for Fall, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Whether it’s straight, wavy, short, or long, all hair types can be textured! Even better, this look takes almost no time at all. To achieve texture, you can use a small curling wand for short hair, and a larger wand or a straightener for longer hair! Lightly wave a few chunks or pieces and leave the others how they are naturally! Another fun way to create texture for medium to long hair is to keep the ends straight and blunt while tousling or waving the rest. The final touch for this look is to add some sea salt spray or dry shampoo. This creates tackiness to your hair so that you can kind of rough it up for your free style! For shorter hair, use a little bit of hair paste to create a fun, tousled look, and a finishing spray to make it last all day! Check out the captions to see what hot tools we used to create texture!


We used a 1” slim Thermaluxe straightener on Bethany’s mid length hair for blunt ends.

We used a 3/4”-1” Thermaluxe wand on Tera’s short hair to give it body.

← K N O T   I T   U P  →

Who doesn’t love a good knot in the Fall? This can be a top knot, mid knot, or even a half knot! If you wear your hair textured the day before, throw it up the next day into a knot of your choice! These knots pair amazingly with a big fall sweater and a scarf. A fun little Oak and Earth tip is to create the textured style on day one, do a half knot on day two, and a top knot on day three! This gives you three different looks, and only one day of using hot tools on your hair! Even better, all of these looks align with the Fall 2016 hair trends.

← B I G  W A V E S →

Big waves are on trend for a Fall look! You can use a curling wand or a straightener to create big waves. Because of the high heat, wands allow you to do a wrap-and-go technique. This gives you a loose and natural wave without having to rest your hair on a hot tool for an extended amount of time. Instead of curling it to perfection, run your fingers through it to give it a more natural wave! Short hair is so fun to play with on this look! You can create a soft, beachy wave for a more natural look, or create a bigger curl for a more dramatic ‘do’! Check out our captions to see which hot tools we used for our waves.

Tera and Bethany waved their hair with the 3/4”-1” barrel Thermaluxe curling wand. You can use the larger 1”-1 and ½” barrel for longer hair or bigger waves!


What are our favorite brands and products to use to achieve each of these looks?

Since us girls of Oak and Earth are real women with very real budgets, every product we mention in this post can be purchased at Wal-Mart and on Walmart.com!

Texture Spray

Getting your hair to be tacky is imperative for your textured look! We both use Not Your Mother’s Sea Salt Spray. We love the texture it gives without weighing your hair down, and the bottle lasts such a long time! If you’re wanting that textured look, this is such an easy and inexpensive way to achieve it. For a pixie, a waxy hair paste is a great way to create the same tackiness that the sea salt spray makes, making it easy to use for almost every style. Here is a brand that has some great reviews!

Hot Tools

As mentioned before, we used a few hot tools to achieve these styles. If you’re going to use hot tools on your hair, we highly recommend products that focus on keeping the integrity of your hair! This is what we love about the Termaluxe tools. We loved that the tools were so smooth on our hair, making the styling process easy and quick! With the curling wand, the base of the iron is hotter than the tip. This keeps volume at the root of your hair where you need it without frying your ends! We also love that there are different sizes of each tool, giving variety for different hair type and length. Since the Thermaluxe tools reach high heat, you only have to do a one pass wave over your hair. The high heat also lets your style last longer and can be used fewer times throughout the week. Spray your day old waves with your favorite dry shampoo or texture spray, and your hair is just as trendy and cute as the day before!

Dry Shampoo

Not washing your hair every day helps retain hair health and moisture. But what about the excess oil and flat texture it leaves behind? Dry shampoo allows you to go a couple days without washing your hair, and also gives you root volume and texture! Since these particular Fall looks will be able to last a couple days, skipping a few washes also keeps down the damage! Here are a few dry shampoos that we have found work well for us: Dove, Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo and Not Your Mothers Dry Shampoo.

Which one of these Fall 2016 looks are you looking forward to the most?! If you try any of these looks, we want you to share it with us! Tag us on Instagram @OakAndEarth! We’ll be using the hashtags #OakAndEarthBlog and #RemReady for these posts, so be sure you’re following along on our social media accounts! You can find these on the side bar or in the footer. We would also love to see you following on our personal Instagram accounts at @BethanyMPoteet and @TeraPianalto. Now to go snatch a Pumpkin Spice Latte in hopes that drinking one will make the humidity drop and the cool weather roll in! Makes perfect sense, right?

Happy Fall, yall!

Bethany and Tera



The Braid Games: A Katniss Inspired Hair Tutorial

I don’t know about you guys, but the past few weeks have been insane for me.  My family has been going through a lot – grandparents in the hospital, cousins having babies, big changes happening at work – It’s been a really hard time. In addition to that, a little over a week ago I had an interview for admission to medical school, which as I’m sure you can imagine was terrifying! I spent a ridiculous amount of time researching anything they could possibly ask me and making sure my outfit (a very grown-up suit) and hair (my version of a sophisticated top knot) were just perfect… but right before my interview, I went to see the midnight premiere of Mockingjay, part 2. I know – I’m so professional. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the film adaption of the final installment in the series, but one thing that made me crazy was the lack of braids! If you’ve read the books you know that the braid is as strongly tied to Katniss as her bow. The entire movie I kept whispering things to Jeff like, “Why is her hair not braided?” “Who’s idea was this?” “Did these producers not read the books?” “Everyone around her has braided hair! Are they trying to hide the fact that she doesn’t?!” Dating me must be so much fun.

So, in honor of The Hunger Games heroine, I will be giving you brief tutorials on three of my favorite braids, in addition to my take on the “Katniss” braid.

  1. The Waterfall Braid

Photo Dec 02, 1 18 02 AMPhoto Dec 04, 1 01 05 AM

  •  Pick three sections of hair near your temple (I usually start on the right because I am right handed) and begin braiding as if you were doing a French braid – adding a bit of hair in each time you cross over (I usually cross over six times before starting to drop strands, as explained in the next step).
  • Once you cross the top section of your hair over (the second time), drop that piece so it hangs.
  • Pick up another piece of hair from the bottom to replace the dropped section.
  • Continue adding hair to the top section as well, as you would add to a French braid.
  • Finish by pinning hair, or continuing braid down and tying off with an elastic. (I like to loosen the braid up, pulling at the top of the hair for a little volume and pulling at the braid itself for a softer look).
  • Fix with a flexible hold hairspray.

Photo Dec 02, 1 18 28 AM

*Notes* The key to this braid is remembering to add to the top, and drop from the bottom. The trickiest part, as wold be expected, is the back because you are doing it by feel. It takes a little practice, but once you get it down it is a great braid to have in your arsenal! It is so versatile! You can leave it down for a soft romantic look, add flowers or other hair ornaments, or throw in a low bun for a more dressed up feel. I have done some version of this braid on many of my friends for weddings. Try here for a more in depth video.

2.  Fishtail Half-Up, Half-Down (with a twist)

Photo Dec 04, 12 58 30 AM

  • Section off the top half of your hair and pin it up.
  • Section off the bottom layer of your hair and pull to the side – this will be combined with the braids.
  • Un-pin the top section and separate hair into two, leaving some loose near the face on either side.
  • Pull hair to either side (I chose the left side this time), and Fishtail the first half of the section, then braid the second half (just a regular easy braid), tying both off with elastics.
  • Wrap the loose pieces of hair around the braids and tuck them behind the braid, pinning with bobby pins (this hides the tops of the braids).
  • Lay the two braids on top of the bottom layer of hair and tie off with an elastic, then wrap a loose piece of hair around the elastic to hide it, tucking back into the elastic to hold (this contributes to the messy, romantic vibe).
  • Fix with a flexible hold hairspray.

IMG_1366 Photo Dec 04, 1 03 52 AM

*Notes* I will be the first to admit, this is not an easy one. I was inspired by Blake Lively’s hair from some event, and just tried my best to recreate it! It doesn’t have to be perfect, and if you have to change it up a bit to make it work for you, do it! I do this style for special events just because it is so time consuming and isn’t something I feel you can get away with every day. Have fun with this one, and be creative!

3.  The “Shelby Bun”

Photo Dec 02, 1 36 07 AM

  • Pick three sections of hair near your temple and begin a Dutch braid – a Dutch braid is exactly like a French braid only in reverse – crossing under instead of over.
  • Continue to the point where your head begins to curve toward the back, continuing a normal braid (not adding additional hair in).
  • Gather your remaining hair with the braid and pull into a ponytail.
  • At this point, pull gently on the braid and the top of your head to create volume for a softer, less Russian ballerina look.
  • Separate the pony tail into a top and bottom half.
  • Tuck the top half over itself, securing back into the hair tie, and do the same to the bottom.
  • Adjust the bun to hide any gaps, the bobby pin in place.
  • Fix with a flexible hold hairspray.

Photo Dec 04, 1 01 50 AM Photo Dec 02, 1 35 21 AM

*Notes* Named by my college roommates, this is my go-to hairstyle because its easy and so versatile! Growing out bangs? No problem – they are held in place by the braid! Don’t like buns? No problem – stop at the pony tail step and finish by wrapping a piece of hair around the elastic to hide it! Can’t master the Dutch braid? No problem – do a French braid! This is another one I do all the time for weddings. It looks great on bridesmaids and brides alike because it can be dressed up or down for any occasion. This is also how you begin the “Katniss” braid.

4.  The “Katniss” Braid

Photo Dec 03, 12 36 59 AM

  • Pick three sections of hair near your temple and begin Dutch (or French! – Movie Katniss does Dutch) braiding your hair, creating a good thick foundation, making sure the braid hugs the side of your head.
  • Pick up pieces as you go, pulling hair into the braid. As you are braiding, pull the sections on the top side tighter – this will create tension and help “lead” the braid so that it curves around the head.
  • Once you get to your opposite ear, begin pulling in the loose front sections of your hair. Here you basically have to switch directions to keep the braid looking like one fluid style, rather than disjointed and piece-y. So if you were braiding under, switch to over, and vice-versa.
  • Finish braiding the hair, securing with an elastic.
  • Gently pull apart the braid to thicken and soften it, creating a messier texture.
  • Fix with a flexible hold hairspray.

Photo Dec 03, 12 36 18 AM

*Notes* As stated above, this braid begins exactly like the “Shelby bun”. Once again, super versatile style! And once again, trickiest in the back. I don’t know about other people, but I always have to switch my grip when braiding the back of my head which can get a little tricky. Practice makes perfect! Just like archery…

Questions? Comments? Other braids you want me to cover? I know this tutorial is brief and some aspects of braiding can be tricky! So please comment below! We love hearing feedback and interacting with our readers. For more on me and my braids checkout my Instagram handle @hopelesswanderer_sb and search the hashtag, #ShelbysBraids. You may or may not see the month of braids I did before the Catching Fire premiere a few years ago.


As always, live healthy and love hard!


5 Reasons Why Pixie Hair is the Best (a lifestyle update)

Hey, reader! It’s me, Tera. This week I want to share a little lifestyle change I’ve made to my daily beauty routine and look. So, as many of you already know, I recently took the plunge (for the second time ever) and decided to chop several inches of my locks off for a style we know as “the pixie.” Whether this seems like a super dramatic change, or just merely a new “do,” I am here to tell you that over the course of about three weeks with my pixie hair, I have had a small revelation, and it is that they are the best. I’ll show you some up-close photos of my hair real quick before I proceed.

flowerpose profilehair

Adorbs. There are a few reasons why I claim this style to be (literally) the best, and I feel like it’s my duty to tell you why you are missing out if you don’t have a pixie. So, without further ado, here is why I fell in love with my pixie!

  1. No Muss, No Fuss

This reason is simple and sweet. Pixies are virtually weatherproof. You know what I mean, ladies. No wasted time styling your hair only to walk outside to the humidity taking over (I call this the static ball affect). No more gimpy carni rides that leave your hair beyond repair at the county fair (this literally happened). With my new hair, I can put on my lipgloss and step outside on the windiest day, and not a single strand of hair slings and sticks back onto my lips–this is a pet peeve of mine! Second consecutive year to attend the county fair, first year to leave with minimal- to -no -damage repairs needed on my hair. You just can’t have a bad hair day with this style…you just have another “pixie” day. Pixies are indestructible..I’ve yet to disprove this fact.


2. Easy as Pie

These next two reasons of mine are somewhat redundant, but I’m listing them separately because one is specifically kid-related. This reason is all in the title: EASY. I would always have a hard time with my hair. I guess it is just not my forte when it comes to beauty routine. Don’t get me wrong; I love hair, but it’s a lot of work to get it to look like the style in my head that I am trying to portray. Pixies are simple. There are no decisions to be made when deciding on how to wear it (ie. up, down, curly, straight, beachy waves, amazing princess braids, braids that turn into a bow, etc…you get it). You just wear it the “pixie” way, and it’s adorable. You can still play with it and change it up, but for the most part, it’s one style and it takes minimal product to get it that way. (By the way, if you are needing a good reference for pixie products, this is what I use that works great). Having short hair, probably 20-30 minutes of my day (let’s be honest, when and only when I plan to leave the house and need to be presentable) is spared from the torments of thin, frizzy, “bad” hair days and failed attempts at “curling it” with my curling wand. My pixie is easy as pie.

frameface handonhip

See? So much extra time on my hands.

3. Kid Friendly

I’ll transition into my next reason for loving my pixie. This one is for my fellow mama friends out there, because this is essential for what our lives center around! This hairstyle is baby proof (99.9% of the time). No more boogers, spit up, or sopping wet hair slapping you in the face, and no more hair tug of war!

If you fix your pixie hair in the morning, you have that 99.9% chance that you can do a quick glance in the mirror and head to lunch with that friend, or head to your afternoon of errand running. Pixie cuts are so amazing and forgiving for our crazy “mom-life, on the go life!” I’m not just talking to stay at home moms here. Working moms are so busy and on the go just as much, and this hair is for you, too! Talk about a time saver when you are getting yourself, and kiddos ready to be out the door by 7:30!! I am a big advocate for things that are kid-friendly, and easy. Sign me up! Well…I’ve already jumped on the bandwagon. But I’m here to tell you fellow moms, the water’s fine!

Didn’t get a chance to wash your 2 day old hair because of the long list of stuff to do, and those ever sweet, ever needy kiddos? The Pixie hears you, and pixie accepts.The beauty with this hairstyle is that you can stick some pomade in it, “mess it up,” and it camouflages that dirty hair and gives you some grace so you can get through another long, busy day. Pixie says, “it can wait until tonight.”

momandbabygoofy prettybaby momandbabywalk momandbabypose

4. Stylin’, Profilin’

I’ll openly admit that I am not the most fashionable human being, and like I said earlier, hair has never been my thing. I’ve loved having a haircut that’s been so stylish, and it just doesn’t take too much skill and effort. I literally woke up like this.

hatpic j/k.

Really though, pixies are edgy haircuts that give you automatic style points on your daily routine. It’s a natural accessory that people love. But, my hair also doesn’t take away from my face, so I can focus on beautifying where I have more fun. One of these days, I’m going to nail that blasted cat eye. When hair is not your strong suit, pixie is here to basically fix itself so you can spend your primping time doing whatever is fun for you!

Pixie cuts are stylish, they’re feminine, they’re fresh, and they’re super adorbs. (Reason 4, check).

5. FUN

My last reason for falling in love with my pixie, is because it has been super fun! I feel like when people think of “pixie hair,” a lot of times, it comes across much more mundane than what it is. Pixies are FUN, and there are so many ways to wear one!Long pixies, short pixies, sleek pixies, punky pixies, etcetera (you get the picture). There are lots of ways to play with your pixie cut and make it unique to your style and taste!

I’m convinced that pixie cuts make you more fun. That might be a stretch (it’s definitely not), but nevertheless, it’s a style you can have fun with. You can throw on a cute hat for a fun day date around the town, or wear it a little sleeker for a fancy dinner. You can still be fun and creative with your pixie, despite the lack of several extra inches of locks.

SO, there it is! I realize that pixie hair is not for everyone, just like the pretty mermaid hair is not for me. But for anyone who’s contemplated this look, I wanted to be of some encouragement to you! There is much to love about a cute pixie cut. I feel feminine, I feel pretty, my man thinks it’s HAWT, and I feel stylish! Your hair can be a fun accessory without the major hair probs and maintenance, and that is why I’ve loved it!

What is something about your style that YOU love?! We love your feedback, and we love sharing life with you! Hashtag your experiences you’d like to share with us #OakandEarthBlog and #OakandEarth, and keep up with our blog and updates on my instagram handle @terapianalto.


Much Love,


5 Heatless Spring and Summer Hairstyles

“For me, hair is an accouterment. Hair is jewelry. It’s an accessory.”  –Jill Scott




Happy Spring everyone! It’s Bethany here.  I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on my crown braid lately, so it inspired me to do a tutorial  blog this week! The tutorial is done by video, but I will also provide pictures of each look and their accompanied name below.

The first day of June was sunny, warm, and filled with ice cream cones and laughter. I have been getting so stoked on summer drawing near. While the excitement builds, so does the volume of my hair! Humidity is no joke. Spring and summer should be care free, and we want to use the least amount of product and heat on our hair that we possibly can. How do we do this without sacrificing style?

I’m providing you with 5 Spring and Summer heatless hairstyles that are both functional and adorable. These styles keep your bangs out of your face, and they can all be worn down or in a ponytail or bun. These looks can be done on short, medium, or long hair. With a recent haircut of 7 inches (holy cow), I was still able to do all of these hair styles. This hair tutorial video provides step by step instructions for each of the five styles. I also provided pictures of each look below the video so that you can see the end product. Go ahead and click play!

1. Faux Fishtail Headband 

Bethany1 Shelby3

2. Braid Thread Headband

Bethany3 Shelby4

3. Gatsby Headband Wrap

Bethany4 Shelby1 Shelby2 IMG_1615


4. Twisted Crown

Bethany5 Bethany7 Shelby6 Shelby5

5. Crown Braid

Bethany9 Bethany010 Shelby011 Shelby7


I hope you enjoyed learning these summer looks! To keep updated with our weekly posts, you can follow me on Instagram with the handle @Bethno13. You can easily keep up with our posts by checking out the hashtag #OakAndEarthBlog. As always, feel free to leave suggestions for posts you would like to see in the future. Now go swoop up those bangs and enjoy Spring!

Peace, love, and Rocketships.