The Day by Day Approach: My Secret to Not Going Insane and Staying Thankful

This month, my post will be short and sweet. This Thanksgiving mont, I would like to leave a thought  with you to think about and maybe try for yourselves.

Have you ever felt bogged down or overwhelmed by a schedule that almost feels like it could swallow you whole?

Sometimes, looking at the big picture of things can feel like biting off more than you can chew and can leave each day feeling monotonous and uncannily similar to the ones proceeding it.

Is there a way to keep this from happening?

As a person who thrives on creative energy, days can begin to feel like a stagnant pond rather than a rushing river, and as though I have begun to slip into the lazy river inter-tube of routine and remained there on cruise control.

I have chosen to strive to live more day by day – and it is easier said than done.

I recently made a decision. Instead of worrying the night before about putting the coffee filter in the coffee pot, so that I can save myself 2.3 minutes in the morning while rushing around, I decided that I would rather skip coffee the next day if that’s what happens. Why? There used to be a beauty in the act of making myself coffee each and every day, a new act of waking up to the day. Something that I consider a pleasure of life, a steaming cup of coffee each morning, had somehow become as unexciting as my brown coffee filters themselves.

coffee image(1)

As silly as this example is, the tiniest act of routine was taking something away from a spontaneity I needed so badly!

I began to do things again that may not have fallen into the category of logical in terms of routine, but truly serve as beneficial to my soul.

If it feels right, I am totally alright with:

-Noticing flowers while walking and actually stopping to look at them or smell them, instead of just thinking about doing so.

-While driving home from work or walking somewhere I need to go, calling someone I love (my mom, grandparents, ect.) and telling them that I love them.

-Trying to write at least one page a day. (Even when I feel as though nothing comes to me worth writing down, but because I love to write.)

-Reading a book that makes me smile before bed.

-Praying everyday and knowing that simply talking to God is more important than formulating a “proper prayer” (And feeling thrilled by the fact that He cares to listen).

-Actively choosing and recognizing at least one thing each day that I have to think of and meditate on, that I have to  be truly thankful for.

Fall leaves. Genuine smiles. Apple Cider. Pumpkin candles. Surprise letters. Old friends. New places. Tall trees. A certain smile.

There are so many beautiful things.

And it’s so easy to get caught up in the brown coffee filter days to recognize them sometimes.

So, I challenge you all, along with me to attempt for the remainder of November to try not to get so caught up in the planning and worrying.

Even if it’s day by day. Go out or look within, and find something to be thankful for and smile about it.

(Just Because.)


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